Wednesday, February 17, 2016


patient Simpkin sleeping in my lap cozy cozy baby centerpiece the girls decorating around the baby she ADORES him love brown eyes??? cuteness sleep tight When the midwife and lactation consultant came for their home visits after Baby F's birth, they both commented that our home was the cleanest they had seen following a birth (probably due to all that cleaning I did right before his birth). Now, if you know me or have been to my home you would laugh along with me at the irony of such statements, knowing that I am the most unorganized person that has ever walked this earth and a failure of a housecleaner. I have always been that way but since having children it is even more so. I would rather spend my time loving my children and creating things with/for them than keeping a spotless museum home, but at the same time I am rather embarrassed when some people come over (not so much my dearest friends who know me well enough and love me anyways). I am still working on finding some sort of compromise with cleaning or just simple acceptance of who I am and the fact that I will never be able to please everyone. I am a constant work in progress, but aren't we all?

BUT if my midwife and lactation consultant were to come back for a visit now they would find a much different home - it looks like a tornado came through (or maybe three little tornadoes). I guess that is what happens when Mama is resting for weeks. Perhaps I will just continue camping out in my bedroom and ignoring the mess in the rest of the house. Baby F wouldn't want it any other way, anyways. He is very fussy at the moment and not wanting to do anything but nurse 24/7. I think he might be coming down with the cold that Little L currently has.

I am beginning to think Baby F's eyes might be brown. It is hard to tell because his eyes are so small and he only likes to open them in the dark. That would be a first for us as all our other children were born with blue eyes. If they do happen to be brown, it would be a nice connection and sweet reminder of Kevin's birth mother (he was adopted) as she had brown eyes. We'll have to wait and see! Kevin picks on me and says I am such a girl for wondering about his eye and hair color. I keep asking him, with hope in my voice, if Baby F's hair looks red to him. One of my babies has to have my hair, right?!

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