Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Baby Knits {so far...}

the baby knits
I am saying so far because I am still knitting for this little guy and will probably continue to do so until the very last minute. I feel like I am making up for the lost baby knitting time during the first trimester (24 hour morning sickness) and lack of energy during most of this pregnancy. Then, of course, there is the need to knit every cute baby pattern I see. Anyone else suffer from that?? We'll see what I can finish before his arrival. It doesn't feel like I have done a whole lot but K made the comment, "That's a lot of newborn baby knitting!" when she saw me set up the photograph above. I guess it is quite a bit for one little newborn, probably more than he needs but that's okay. I loved every minute of knitting them. I also forgot about the fact that he also has Little L's newborn baby knits to wear as well. I think this little guy is pretty set for the first couple of months. It worked out rather nicely having two baby boys born in the winter months.

I thought I would try and put most of my projects in one place/post for those of you who were curious as to what my favorite newborn knits were. I hope it's helpful. You'll notice I tend to chose brighter colors for my baby (and children's) knits. I prefer to surround them lighter, cheerful colors as opposed to heavier earthy colors - at least for the first few years. I know there is a pedagogical Waldorf reasoning behind this but I honestly don't remember it now. Anyone want to chime in? It has just become second nature to me. Although my new obsession with dyeing yarn naturally has brought in some earth tones for this baby (like the baby gown dyed with dockseeds from Oregon).

I included a link to my Ravelry page in the title of each knit so click on the title if you want to see more. I tend to modify most of my knits and try to keep good notes of how I did so (try being the key word here).

baby's first clothes

His first clothes (incorporates the Beyond Puerperium cardigan, Picky Pants longies, Bouncing Baby Cap, and Perfect Fit Newborn Socks) I am hoping this will be the first thing he wears after birth along with a wool undershirt. The clothing seems a bit big though and my babies tend to be on the smaller side *knock on wood* so we'll see. I think I have plenty of hand knit back up options just in case.

harvest harvest (sweet bee button!)

Harvest This is one of the sweetest little baby cardigans I have knit. The size is 0-6 months so I am not sure of when exactly it will fit him but I have a feeling he will look adorable in it. The pattern doesn't call for a button but I had to add one just to use that beautiful bee button you see above.

kumfy gowns kumfy gowns sweet buttons on kumfy gowns

Kumfy Gowns My babies live in wool gowns and sleepy sacks when they are home (we have a couple Disana ones that C and L wore for many months each) so I thought this pattern might be nice for our new little guy. I knit one with our dockseed dyed yarn and smaller needles and the other with some leftover MadTosh yarn and bigger needles. The hand painted mushroom buttons are from Frost Lane and the chicken buttons are from Wooly Moss Roots.

another small things romper another small things romper (knit with yarn K and I dyed with black beans)

Small Things Romper I had to knit another one of these rompers for this little guy. This time in our own hand dyed yarn using black beans to get such a pretty blue.  The one I knit for Little L was (and still is) one of my absolute favorite knits. I mean, how cute was he in it?!

Little L in his Small Things Romper 2011

This time around I knit the grow with me cuffs instead of the garter stitch ones. I remember Little L outgrowing it's length before outgrowing it's width. Star buttons, again, by Wooly Moss Roots.

Nikka's hat Nikka's hat size comparison size 2 needles vs size 3

Bouncing Baby Cap or as I call it - Nikka's hat. This pattern was given to me years ago by my friend Sophie back in Oregon after I constantly admired her daughter Nikka in it. I meant to make one for Little L back then but never got around to it. I wish I did! It is the most darling little pilot cap ever. I know I will be making many more of these. Keeping baby's head covered is so important.

LTK pilot cap

Pilot Cap I knit this one to see what all the fuss was about. It's cute but seems big. I still prefer my more traditional pilot cap patterns over this but we'll see what it looks like on him.

longies longies

Rib My Heiny Longies These are so cute and look so comfortable!

newborn milo

Milo Little L lived in Milos his first few years so it seemed like a good idea to knit the new baby a newborn sized one. A good way to keep his core warm.

Dogwood Dogwood blanket (i cna't seem to capture the beautiful blue green that it is) Dogwood

Dogwood His first blanket.  I still can't seem to capture the gorgeous blues and greens in this yarn. You'll have to trust me that it is stunning in person. This blanket knit up really fast and isn't as tricky as it looks.

Previously photographed: Perfect Fit Newborn Socks, and Baby's Booties.

Phew! That's it... for now.

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