Sunday, December 27, 2015

Some of the children's handmades {on the third day of Christmas}

K loves chess
The 3 kings are following the star to find Jesus
The three kings are following the star to find Jesus. Little L says their camel took an airplane to get there before them...
baby Jesus is born!
C's gift for Little L - a sheep she knit
C's gift for Little L (notice the awesome hammerhead button!)
Bhakti under "chubby tree"
decorating for the birds (ha!)
Kevin and the children decided the birds needed a little Christmas decorating too, along with their usual Christmas feasting.
wanting Daddy's help for her first trial
shark boy
such a character
shut the box
K's cowl for C with buttons she designed herself and made by Wooly Moss Roots
K's cowl for C
cowl for C
cowl made by K

On the third day of Christmas, the rest of our Christmas lights went up. Kevin had put up a few on Christmas Eve as a surprise for the children to come home to after the pageant/Mass.Wow! What a hit that was. We have never done lights before but the children have always wanted us to. Such a sweet, simple act of love for them from their Daddy.

This year both C and K made knitted gifts. C knit a sheep for Little L (which happened to be part of our handwork curriculum, too). She topped it off with what may very well be the most awesome button ever - a hammerhead shark custom made by our dear friends as Wooly Moss Roots. Could it be any more perfect?! I actually have a whole set of those buttons to knit something for L with. I am just deciding on the perfect pattern.

K finished up her very first test knit cowl and gifted it to C. She made a doll sized version as well but she just needs to sew on the buttons. She is hoping to finish it and give it to C before Epiphany. She had particular buttons in mind for the cowl (the Star of David) and had me ask Taryn (of Wooly Moss Roots) if they could make such a thing. As you see Taryn and Jeff totally nailed it and made K’s buttons just as she had envisioned! Thank you Taryn for letting her test your pattern and for the amazing buttons to go with it!

I'll share more of our handmades soon - hopefully to include the girls' finished Bulles!

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