Sunday, December 13, 2015

Saint Lucia's light (on an incredibly dark day)

world's most patient cat (Simpkin)
World's most patient cat (Simpkin) dressed in one of C's old Christmas dresses
Lussekatter and ginger cookies
St. Lucia playing with the Nativity animals
star boy painting
Sweet star boy painting made by Amber at Hearth Magic. It's now hanging over L's bed.
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia made by Naturally Catholic
St. Lucia and star boy (getting creative b/c it was so dark outside)
Knit Saint Lucia and star boy we received in the Scandinavian swap. It was so very dark all day I had to get creative outside to manage a photograph.

Today was not only the third Sunday of Advent but also the feast of Saint Lucia and Little L's namesake day. All three of my children were so excited they could not fall asleep last night and then they awoke before dawn for their Saint Lucia procession in the early morning darkness. It was a beautiful procession, but unfortunately I stayed up too late the night before as well (Christmas knitting) and was far too sleepy to remember to grab my camera. Actually, I didn't get any photographs of all three of my children dressed in their Saint Lucia outfits at all this year. Ack! Nor did I get any photographs of Little L on his special day. I think it falling on a busy Sunday (Mass and pageant practice) completely threw me off. Did I mention we were all exhausted?! One of my children ended up spending some one on one time with Daddy at his office the rest of the day to help stop some cranky quarrelling that was going on. One on one time always makes everything better!

Little L and I made our Lussekatters the day before while the girls were out caroling with their AHG group. We made quite a few extras to bring to Father Victor at Mass as well as for the girls to bring to their Advent party with AHG on Monday. We used this recipe again this year but I made quite a huge mistake. I somehow managed to grab last year's near empty bottle of saffron out of the pantry instead of the full, brand new bottle I had. Our buns ended up barely having the distinct saffron taste, smell and color. I blame it on preggo brain. I ended up coming up with a solution of making a glaze with saffron and powdered sugar to brush the buns with. It worked well enough for me to feel okay with still giving them out as we had planned. Surprisingly my children actually ate more of them this year than usual. Maybe it was due to the sugar content. Hehe.

Our day was incredibly dark and scattered with snow flurries here and there but our hearts were full of light and we let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! Happy Saint Lucia day!

Wait! I did manage to get one photo of L after all...
L photo bomb with Lussekatter
He snuck in this photo of C and Simpkin.

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