Sunday, December 20, 2015


so behind on both Christmas knitting and sending out cards
Mary's journey
shark in our Nativity scene
Shark in our Nativity scene
star and shepherd (missing our angel)
star and shepherd
cutest star ever (worst lighting ever! makes my kiddos look sick)
angel decorating the tree
tree decorating
decorating with her beloved horse <3
chubby tree (C's name for our very wide tree)
Bhakti snooze
AHG Christmas party
this year's Advent calendar
snack attack

Where to begin? I didn't mean to be absent. I was trying to dig myself out of a molehill. Last week had a few highs and lows. The lows, of course, were trivial but sometimes in the moment that can be hard to see. Actually, come to think of it - I can't even remember what had me so down. Well except for one thing. We finally got around to bringing our computer that crashed in to a repair shop. I honestly didn't care what happened to the computer itself as long as my photos were rescued. I hadn't backed them up in a few months and there were a few very important ones I really didn't want to lose. On a side note - let my mistake be a lesson for all of you...Go back up your photos right now! When we dropped it off the repairman said that he had seen this type of crash a lot and that it was caused by the new Windows 10 pushing itself onto computers. We never uploaded it but our computer was indeed trying to. After a brief look he saw that it did somehow upload onto our computer and fried the hard drive. Thanks Microsoft. He was confident though that he would be able to rescue my photos. That was all I needed to hear.

Well, the next day, and $120 (that we didn't really have) later we got a call saying that our hard drive was beyond repair and the photos could not be saved. That's that. They are gone. I had been waiting on those photos to share some big news but now the moments, memories and my children's sweet faces and reactions are lost forever. I admit to sobbing and feeling sorry for myself for awhile after hearing this but have now come to accept it and move on, realizing it was my own fault and that it had to have happened for a reason.

I am just now starting to get more into the Advent spirit. Just in time for the Christmas season, right?We have been decorating here and there. I think the Christmas parties and pageant practice (all three of my children are in the church pageant this year!) have helped. I am desperately behind on mailing out cards and I doubt I will finish my Christmas knitting in time but it's all okay. I am being a lot more gentle with myself this year. Perhaps our friends and family will appreciate celebrating the twelve days of Christmas with us by receiving their cards after the first day of Christmas?? One can hope.

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