Wednesday, November 18, 2015

slowing down

morning light
morning light
yarn dyed with dock seed from our home in Oregon
yarn drying in the moonlight
autumn window stars
autumn window stars
fort/nest building
fort building...or perhaps nest building since they were pretending to be magpies
dock seed dyed yarn in the daylight
our dock seed dyed yarn in the daylight
big belly
itchy belly (soothed with lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil)
messy desk
the current state of my desk

Things has slowed down around here. For the first time in my life I have been experiencing Braxton hicks contractions causing me to rest and relax more. I normally don't feel contractions until just a couple of hours before birth so this is new to me. Rest? Relax? How does one do that?! Nesting, homeschooling and urban homesteading don't really bring about idle time but I am learning to embrace it. The girls have been great sports about doing schoolwork with me in bed, even if it is less than ideal. K and I did manage to get a bit of yarn dyeing in. We made a dye bath from some yellow dock seed stocks we harvested a couple of years ago down the road from our house in Oregon. The baby will get something special knit with this Oregon love yarn.

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