Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Looking after those who are lost

baby woolies calendula fly by lost pup lost pup note on my night stand at the firestation The calendar says autumn is here. My heart says autumn is here. Yet the weather does not seem to comprehend and is still acting like it is summer. I think it is teasing me. I so look forward to the autumn stillness and slowing down so I am acting as if the weather is cooperating as much as I can. I have been digging through baby clothes - months ahead of time, I know, but I thought it best to take advantage of the current sunshine and hang them outside for some fresh air and stain removal. These clothes have been through three babies (some even more than that as they were hand me downs) so they need lots of sun time. This is also giving me the chance to take inventory of what we have and what we need. A lot of the baby clothes really need to be replaced (due to aforementioned use) so I am making lists and budgeting in preparation (baby kind of blew our no spend challenge for the year but that's okay!!). Baby woolies and pilot caps are definitely a must in my book. Our woolies are really stained but still useful. I do hope I can swing getting this sweet miracle baby will get a few new wool shirts before February, though.

Our garden is still growing like crazy, even though I have already started pulling a lot of it up. We decided to keep the flowers that we can use for dye baths and medicinal purposes in as long as possible. I have been trying to keep up with them and harvest at least every other day now. Surprisingly some of the things we planted in the spring are just now starting to come to life. C's morning glories bloomed for the first time today. Oh, our garden is a bit wacky.

Just a couple days before the feast of Saint Francis, a sweet little lost dog made it's way to our home. K said he was sent to us by Saint Francis. She loved it so, if you couldn't tell by the photos. We would love to have a small dog, maybe someday we will, but that would not work with our current big dogs. Especially Paw Paw. To him, all little dogs are yummy snacks. *sigh* That adorable little pup ended up spending the whole day with us as we searched for his owners. We missed out on homeschooling that day but I think the lesson of looking after those who are lost was far more important.

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