Thursday, September 17, 2015

What I get

This is what I get for asking my children to let me take some pictures when they are in super silly mode: Aibhie's Hat Aibhie's Hat Aibhie's Hat Aibhie's Hat adjustments silliness Aibhie's Hat silly tumbleweed Aibhie's Hat Ha! I gave up at that point. Silly sister love. We'll try to get some better ones another day.

The details: The girls hats are the test knits I was working on last month for my talented friend Ginny. Her pattern is called Aibhie’s Hat and it was such a pleasure to make (so much so that I had to make two!). The pattern comes in newborn to adult sizes. I am thinking of knitting one for myself and maybe even the baby, too.

p.s. - C is wearing K's outgrown Sunday sweater, also designed by Ginny.

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