Sunday, September 13, 2015

Short and sweet

parade parade prep parade prep parade My sweet girlies were in a parade over the weekend with their new American Heritage Girls troop. They had such a great time, even though the sun was beating down on them and the heat was a bit unbearable. My C surprised me by coming out of her shell quite a bit, making new friends and waving to the onlookers. She told me she wished that it never came to an end. who are they crowding around? What are these adorable girls crowding around? our Paw Paw, of course! Why, our Paw Paw of course! Kevin brought him with us to the parade and everyone fell in love with him. I can't say I blame them, he is quite the handsome dog. Although he is also the most stubborn dog I have ever known. for Fida <3 Just because this sign cracked me up, and I knew my friend Fida would appreciate it.

And the reason why this post is short and sweet... math gnome time I have been putting it off for quite awhile but I can't avoid it any longer. It's time for the math gnomes to come out and teach C the four processes. I am truly making it a bigger deal than it really is and I saw that as I was rereading the curriculum today, but I still have this feeling of dread going in to it all. Time to go finalize her lesson plans for the week and conquer my fear. Wish me luck!

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