Sunday, August 30, 2015

the tour

*I meant to share this last week but I managed to hurt my back so badly that I could barely move for a couple of days. Thankfully some Epsom salt and chickweed soaks along with swimming have helped make it more bearable. I have to remember not to move furniture while pregnant, no matter how strong the nesting urge is!*

Inspired by a new little blessing coming into our lives this winter and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up , Kevin and I moved Little L into the bedroom with his sisters and did a surprise room redo for them. I wish I had some before pictures (oh the clutter and mess!) but below is what it looks like now. The room is small (and a bit dark) and I do not own a wide angle lens so I apologize that I was not able to get a full room shot. I hope the tour helps to make sense of it a bit.
shelf in the children's room Their shelf right next to the doorway 3 wool guardian angels hanging from their light Guardian angels hanging from their light toadstool decal by their door Toadstool decal by their door
looking in from the doorway
Looking in from the doorway new much needed dresser A new and very much needed dresser on the wall to the right of their door.
K'svery special fairy bank K's very special fairy bank kept high up on the dresser out of little brother's reach. It was made by our dear friends' Grandma and given to K on her 9th birthday. It holds all the money the children are saving for a trip back to Oregon to see those dearest friends. L's drawer of shirts and pants Konmari style! Little L's dresser drawer filled with his tops and pants (organized into shark and no-shark categories because that's what is important, right?!). Konmari style folding. the girls' fabric buckets The girls' fabric buckets wait empty between the dresser and closet for whatever treasure and projects they wish to put in them.
pj hook by the window
Pajama hook between their one window and closet special gift from our friends hanging over the bedroom window Another special gift from our dear friends hanging above the bedroom window (next to L's bed). L's name banner and bookshelf Name banner, bookshelf and fabric hoops above L's bed L's 1st shark drawing embroidered by me L's very first shark drawing embroidered by me. I plan on making it into a pillow when I find the time (like the one I made from K's drawing when she was little, here). under L's bed Under L's bed - a drawer for his woolies, pjs and socks and his wooden trucks.
L's nightstand
L's nightstand next to his bed. I adore that Peter Rabbit lamp. We found it for free last summer. L's vintage basket of toys L's vintage basket with a few favorite toys next to his nightstand C's lower bunk C's lower bunk C's bookshe;f (made by Kevin!) C's bookshelf (Kevin made it!) C's hedgie decal A hedgie decal for C K's top bunk K's top bunk K's decorating on her bookshelf Her bookshelf (taken after she saw the room - she redecorated it)

I work hard to make our home feel safe and comforting for our children. I want them to feel like it's as much their home as it is ours. I wanted to make sure that their bedroom especially embraced this feeling. Each child has their own special place that is just their own but they are still together. I love how that works out. We gave K the top bunk on the new bunk beds because we felt she needed the ability to get away (L is not allowed on the top bunk and C is only allowed by K's invite). The nine year change has brought about more of a desire to have time alone so we want to respect that and teach her siblings to do the same.

Kevin made the children's bookshelves that hang by their beds. I could not be happier with them. He is not a woodworker at all but took to the challenge when I begged and pleaded for him to try to make them. They were inspired by these ones that my friend Ginny has up in her home. Her husband made them for her (Ginny, tell him he is a genius. We love them!)

The walls of their room seem too blank and white. I would love to have lazured their walls like I did in our Oregon house but since this is a rental and we only have 2 years left, I thought it best to just wait until the next move.

I still have a few small details I want to add but for the most part the room is done. I am hopeful that following the Konmari method will help keep the room clean and clutter free. I plan on doing the same to the rest of the house in the weeks to follow.

So, you are probably wondering if they liked their new room, right? Well, just see for yourselves!

The big reveal: seeing their room for the 1st time checking out her top bunk happy <3

The answer is an overwhelming YES! They love it. They have been spending every free moment they have in it. K is constantly asking me if she can go to her room to read some books in bed. I am happy (and relieved) that they like it so much.


- Hedgehog wall decal from Imagine Childhood
- Air purifying Himalayan salt lamp from here
- Wool name banners from this amazing lady
- The girls' quilt  from this shop (Little L's shark quilt was a lucky EBay find).
- Wooden dresser (safely anchored to the wall) from Ikea.

*The baby egg calendar that many of you asked about was from here. It was only about $10 but unfortunately it appears to be out of stock right now and can only be purchased used. I am guessing they will get more in soon, though.

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