Sunday, July 12, 2015


German Chamomile German Chamomile harvesting reading herb fairies nibbling and studying chamomile noticing chamomile's cone shape herb fairies herb fairies
I haven't made it out to check on my garden in weeks. In fact, the last time I saw it, all my plants were little seedlings. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out to check on it this weekend and saw it had gone wild. I mean, I knew it was growing and the children were picking things from it but I still was not prepared for what I saw! Our plants are not yet producing anything, for the most part, except for a few herbs, including our German Chamomile.

I took advantage of that moment - the beautiful weather, feeling well enough to be outside for a short while, my happy children and chamomile in need of harvesting. I set a quilt down by our garden, grabbed book number five in the Herb Fairies series (Miles the chamomile fairy) along with the audio story of it and called the children over. As I started the story for them I ran over to the chamomile and picked a few flowers for the children to taste and study as they listened. Then I got to work harvesting more to dry out for tea, enjoying the story along with them.

After finishing the story, we can't wait until next week when Kevin gets paid. We are chomping at the bit to try the chamomile fruit salad and chamomile infused honey recipes. Even if I can't manage to cook or be in the kitchen at the moment, I think I can handle those!

p.s. - Ugh. Flickr is being weird with my photos again. I'm working on it!

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