Thursday, April 23, 2015


chrysalides chrysalides starshower starshower starshower zealously blocked starshower wild mustard from C wild mustard from C wind vane installed - finally! happy (witch) K evening garden work helper evening garden work evening garden work play Venus!

We had a clear view of Venus last night (the 21st), which left K completely awestruck. We may have a budding astronomer on our hands. Can you see it? I wish I had a better lens for distances like that. I honestly don't remember much about the constellations and planets from school so I feel like I am learning all over again right alongside K.  I am really enjoying that aspect of homeschooling, especially our sporadic lessons like the bits of astronomy we are now doing, the butterfly life cycles and Herb Fairies (which we are just starting now. It's only available once a year and seems like such a great homeschooling tool).

Speaking of butterfly life cycles, we moved our chrysalides into their new habitat and the butterflies should be emerging any day now. We can't wait! K's wax worm is still active and eating so not quite ready for his cocoon just yet.

Kevin was finally able to set up K's wind vane a couple of days ago. The ground was too frozen to even attempt it  back when K got it as a Christmas gift but now it's up and ready for her to observe our wind patterns here and learn about the Beauport scale.

And do you see those late evening woodworking photographs?! Kevin was able to make time after work last night to get our raised garden beds started. He had many eager helpers, including myself. For those of you that have raised beds, did you do anything to seal your wood? I know the chemicals leach into the soil (made that mistake with our first garden back in Virginia) so we were thinking of keeping them untreated but then I wondered about possibly using beeswax or if that wouldn't be worth the effort since the wood will be constantly getting wet. Any thoughts on this?

Oh and I finished starshower cowl. I was a bit zealous with my blocking, making the neck hole much larger than I intended. I actually think I rather like it this way though so it's all good. It's a nice light weight for spring or early fall. The color reminds me of the lush green lands of Oregon as well as it's cold ocean water. I love it.

p.s. - K has her First Holy Communion this Sunday (!), we would love it so much if you could keep her in your prayers.

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