Sunday, April 12, 2015

Embracing who we are

on my nightstand homemade almond yogurt homeschooling falling forsythia (i love the yellow and the blue together) dandelion mini harvest infusing the coconut oil with dandelions infusing dandelion moisturizer dandelion moisturizer

Thank you kindly for all of your comments and perceptive input on my last post. I think I tend to forget (perhaps I unconsciously do it on purpose) just how far from the mainstream we are so it tends to come as a relative shock when I rediscover our differences. We may never fit the mold, but that's okay. I embrace our simple lifestyle and our homesteading dreams - they are part of who we are.

We carried on with our typical old fashioned ways over the weekend -  I finished up sewing C's birthday dresses (I couldn't resist making two this time), we made some almond yogurt (the kids enjoyed it, I wasn't too impressed honestly), I read and read books to help with our garden (as well as books to dream of our someday homestead) and we crafted some dandelion moisturizer from the dandelions growing in our backyard. We are already looking forward to making more dandelion moisturizer this summer. Although I did feel the need to add some lavender essential oil to it to help cover up the dandelion smell just a bit. They are quite pungent after steeping in coconut oil for a couple of hours.

When we gathered our dandelions I noticed that my children seem to have really caught on to our rule of leave two flowers for every one you pick. Usually that rule tends to be ignored. I think it's sticking now thanks to them understanding more about the current state of the honeybees. Especially since they know that every inch of the place where we are currently living is sprayed with toxic chemicals that hurt our earth and our pollinators except for our backyard. They are starting to see it almost as a duty to provide safe, clean flowers to any creature that may come by. I am hopeful our garden this year will help them carry out that duty.

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