Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Saint Valentine Love friends (as my children call them) for D4 The children have been spending their free time after homeschooling creating some special Saint Valentine Love Friends (they chose that name). I think they are pretty adorable. L's Jan Brett hat L's Jan Brett Hat L's Jan Brett Hat L's Jan Brett Hat Hooray, photographs of Little L's Jan Brett hat! Better late than never?? No, we do not have snow right now. To the contrary, I think any possibility of snow heading our way is gone and this warm spring-like weather is here to stay (which I am not complaining about!). I took these pics of Little L back in January on the way out the door to Boise. I hadn't shared them because I was hoping to get some better ones later on. Now it seems like these ones will have to do, at least until next winter. I am kind of smitten with the fact that his hat goes well with his squirrel sweater. Both items have some scrumptious Luna Grey yarn in the cranberry colorway (His squirrel sweater is here).
seasonal display on our homeschooling shelf in the kitchen
Our mini seasonal display on our homeschooling bookshelf in the kitchen. Starmoney on our winter nature table King Winter's cave was mangled by the kitties and now just looks like a white playsilk blob Poor King Winter's snow cave was mangled by our kitties and now just looks like a white playsilk blob with random lights. Rascal cats, or rather cat. I know which furball it was. I'll give you a hint, she was pictured in my last post taking over my knitting.
winter tree
winter nature table K's igloo made during her People of ice and snow lesson block Igloo made by K during our People of ice and snow block

I thought now was an appropriate time to post our winter nature table photos as well. Actually sooner would have been better, but you know how fleeting time can be. We will be taking everything down and changing it over to our Lent table next week. Typing those words just seemed too unreal to me. I still feel a bit of Christmas in the air here and it's almost Lent!

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