Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bruneau Dunes

My family and I decided, spur of the moment, to explore Bruneau Dunes. It's one of those things we had been talking about doing for quite awhile but hadn't actually made the time to go. I am so glad we finally made it there. The scenery is breathtaking and the sand dunes are incredible and so much fun to climb. I think the wait was worth it and going in the winter was probably even better than trying to go in the warmer months. There was barely anyone there except for a couple of people climbing a faraway dune with their sleds. The snow doesn't seem to want to stick this year so maybe we'll have to bring our toboggan here for some sand sledding, too!
geese landing Bruneau Dunes So many ducks and geese! catching up with the girls (at the top of a dune) i promise the dune was much steeper than it looks climbing a dune happy running Nara she's so happy! crawling up the dune Crawling up to the top help me up, Nara! Nara gave up climbing to the top Stopping to rest almost to the top Almost to the top she made it! at the top Made it! climbing up again Kevin and the girls decided they wanted to climb another taller and steeper sand dune but Little L was too exhausted to try so he and I stayed back and explored the surrounding area. This boy of mine just loves to play in sand so he was quite happy where he was.antelope tracks Antelope tracks exploring playing in the sand endless play exploring sun setting he loves his sand exploring Cedar Waxwing high up in the tree He's hard to see but there is a Cedar Waxwing at the top of the tree in this photo. His call gave him away to us! We normally see the Bohemian Waxwings near our house. They are such beautiful birds! losing light exploring love Until next time, Bruneau Dunes!

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