Sunday, December 28, 2014

in the midst

Nara and her kitty Christmas cookies Christmas cookies Mother Mary Mother Mary Christmas Eve Christmas Eve hedgie love hedgie love firetruck from grandma his fire truck dream finally came true (thanks to grandma) Thank you Holles!!! <3 break time break time K made that construction worker sign for L for Christmas and his Nana and Grandpa got him the vest. drilling holes in a stump drilling holes wind vane kit personal pageant
personal pageant
oh Christmas tree Christmas night Christmas mouse lost a tooth! "Mary (and) Christ Mass" made by K Picture taken after it was rained on :( "Mary (and) Christ Mass" by K

We are still in the midst of celebrating these twelve holy days of Christmas. Life is full, wonderful and exhausting with Christmas Eve Mass pageants, making Christmas cookies, our own little personal pageant, construction boys at work, a tooth lost by my sweet C, camping and play. Oh how we love this time of year! Wishing you all the peace, love and joy of this Christmas season.

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