Wednesday, November 19, 2014

open house

Fire station driving the fire truck slide slide putting out a fire Little L's turn fire hose hitting the cones happy L fire hose No your eyes are not deceiving you - these photos were taken in October. Somehow or other they fell into the black hole on my computer and I only now came across them. Little L is (has been) in a huge firefighter phase so I had to post them even if it seems a bit ridiculous! My how quickly the weather changes from summer heat (in October!) to the winter snow and ice we are now experiencing in November.

The base firehouse had an open house so of course we had to go check it out. I was actually hoping Little L would get a better understanding of what firefighters do. At that time he thought their hoses shot our fire and that they set things on fire, instead of putting it out. No matter how much I tried to explain it to him, he was adamant that he was right.

The open house was a bit overwhelming for my children and I with so many people and so much noise around but it was worth it. This trip went a thousand times better than our last trip to a firehouse. No nightmares or fears following this one, just happy play and Little L's continued firefighter obsession. Phew! And I am happy to report that after using a real fireman's hose L finally understands what firemen do.

On  related note - Little L keeps insisting each day that a box will appear at our door with this wood fire engine in it for him. I don't foresee that in our budget for quite a long time but I guess a boy can dream, right?

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