Wednesday, October 22, 2014

the Pumpkin Challenge

hitch hiking friend kid's corral Little L's sandbox buddy Bailey smile! smile! IMG_8195 IMG_8198 Daisy love Daisy love IMG_8226 K and Suede big brown eyes C's climbing tree little climber climbing sleeping koala this guy too sunny! no more! Too sunny! backlit pumpkin patch Daddy photobomb with wheat Daddy photobomb (with wheat) 3 little pumpkins that smile pumpkins little daddy honeybees We found out that it was pumpkin time at the organic farm we love. When we were there apple picking in September they told us their pumpkin crop wasn't doing as well this year and that we should come to get one early in October. I somehow forgot that detail but thankfully they still had some pumpkins left out in the field when we stopped by after K's horse lesson.

As usual, the sun was intensely bright - not a good thing for our annual pumpkin patch photos. I personally prefer taking photos in cloudy skies. The cloud cover diffuses the light of the sun, producing a soft even light that results in softer contrasts. Oregon skies are amazing for that. Here in Idaho the skies are always cloudless and the sun is beating down on us. So out of necessity, I am trying to learn the art of backlit photography. The key word here is trying. Of course, as usual, I am learning by trial and error. I suppose actually researching how it is done might help, but all the resources I find talk about "creating the look" in photo editing software. That doesn't help me as I don't have any photo editing software, (actually I do own light room but it confused me so much, I took it off my computer.)  Plus, I rather like the challenge of figuring it out in the moment. I am a bit crazy like that. Do any of you have any tips or resources you might care to share?

P.S - Can you believe those pumpkin hats from 2011 are still going strong?!

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