Sunday, October 12, 2014

Something cozy

Phoebe IMG_6837 IMG_6955 IMG_6916 Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe IMG_6919 IMG_6920

C and I have been (not so) patiently waiting for the weather to cool down enough for her to wear her new Phoebe sweater. It was this year's birthday sweater (her sixth birthday - my children get a new mama knit sweater each birthday) but as soon as it was off the needles the desert heat hit and wearing a sweater was absolutely unthinkable, even if just for a quick photograph. So we hung it up and waited until now. It was worth the wait, and thankfully I made I a bit big for her.

C and I are both so very happy with how this sweater turned out. The first Phoebe sweater I made her was knit with yarn that pretty much just fell apart. I am glad I was able to redeem myself with some beautiful custom dyed Luna Grey yarn this time around. What a huge difference it makes! The color is just perfect too, exactly what C was wanting. C also picked out the perfect toggle buttons from Wooly Moss Roots. We are looking forward to quite a few seasons in this cozy, warm sweater.

p.s. - The photos were taken before I had a chance to block it.

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