Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Home again, home again

Daddy time K reading St. Francis Daddy time
Sometimes there are things that, as much as I may want to, I just can not share in this space. Information that just would not be wise to put out for everyone and anyone to know. I honestly don't like holding it back because it feels like I am not being authentic, something that is very important to me, but I have to keep our safety in mind. I hope you can all understand.

With that said, you may have noticed that a member of our family hasn't been in any photographs on here in months. That is because for the past five months, Kevin has been overseas. I am happy to say that he just returned. We have missed him so and are so glad to have him home again. The children have been enjoying just being with him again and he with them, as you can see in the pictures above (Kevin was awake, by the way, he was just soaking in the moment.) Little L just can't stop smiling. It's as if he has no control over it. I think he is expressing what the rest of us are feeling on the inside but can't quite show. I love it!

Welcome home Daddy!

P.S. -  K is reading one of our favorite books to everyone - Saint Francis and the Wolf.

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