Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Potatoes and innocence

Idaho State Historical Museum Lunch in the rose garden, Boise front end loader in the rose garden Rose Garden, Boise Rose Garden, Boise He is always pointing his fingers - I have no idea where he got it from, but it appears to be his thing.Idaho State Historical Museum Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark Idaho State Historical Museum Onward! Idaho potato Idaho potato botany Simpkin in a yarn web Our little Simpkin Jackie O' Kitten had to spend the day at the vet's office last week for her spay appointment. When we dropped her off, K overheard the vet mention "heat" and thought it was some horrible sickness. With a concerned and extremely serious face she asked me if we can get heat or if only cats and dogs get it. I am so thankful for her innocence as I am not ready to have the talk, yet.

Since Simpkin's appointment was in Boise, an hour's drive from us, we decided to stay in the area and have a picnic in the rose garden and then check out the Idaho State Historical Museum. There was a lot of focus on the pioneers, Native Americans and even the Oregon Trail, so we ended up spending hours there soaking it all in. The girls love museums, and really I need to be better about visiting them more often. Little L, on the other hand, is not quite ready to spend long periods of time looking at things he can't touch, but thankfully they had some interactive displays that helped him through it. Being a topping on a potato was, by far, his favorite.

I was hoping to spend a lot of time at this particular museum this upcoming school year since K will be in third grade and that year is focused on farming and building. But the museum will be closing in August for three years (!) due to renovations. It looks like we better visit as often as we can until then, and I had better make some changes to our lesson plan.

Oh and p.s. -  I pulled out Beyond the birds and the bees when we arrived back home that evening. I guess it's probably a good idea to get a head start and prepare myself, even if I really don't want to.

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