Monday, May 5, 2014


card from k for c best birthday gift EVER six! piggy cake Nativity set from Armadillo Dreams c's fabric bucket piggy bucket piggy bucket quilt and new room decorations above her bed pillowcase quilt and cat quilt birthday girl mama made birthday dress and sister made purse purse made by k birthday dress birthday dress flowers birthday dress 2014 birthday dress birthday dress birthday dress

This post is quite overdue. My sweet C turned 6 on Good Friday but the blissful busyness of life kept me from looking through the pictures until now. It's actually rather fun looking through them later, it feels like I am reliving the moments all over again - I just wish I could remember more of the details.

We had a nice quiet family celebration at home (the party came last week when our friends visited, but more on that later). She woke up to a bookshelf and some fabric hoops on her wall above her bed that I secretly hung the night before while she was sleeping (She's a heavy sleeper!) All my kids tend to wake up before the sun on their birthdays and C is no exception. She had us up for opening presents before Little L was even ready to wake. She adored the kitty purse K made for her, and was thrilled about her quilt, but the Aqua Farm from Nana and Grandpa was "the best birthday gift ever". She has been wanting a fish for years and now she finally has one along with a freshwater snail. Note: Animals - 11, humans - 5, I think our home has officially been taken over.

I am so happy for my C and I swear she grew up overnight. I do believe she'll be ready for first grade in the fall (gulp!) She turned six and poof her baby face disappeared. They really do grow so quickly, don't they? I better not blink! She keeps telling me how she "feels like such a big girl now" and that she can do so many things she couldn't do at the age of five. She'll always be my cuddly koala bear, though. Oh C, we love you so!

-Kitty purse pattern from this book
- piggy bucket made using this pattern with Briar Rose and nursery versery fabrics
- pillowcase made using this tutorial with more Briar Rose and Wee Wander fabrics.
- birthday dress made from the geranium dress pattern. I did view A but modified it to have pockets in the side seams of the skirt. Fabric is from Wee Wander. I currently have one in the works for K with the same fabric but in blue.
- quilt made by the talented Thouraya and I have a feeling she will have some better pictures of it up on her blog soon. The quilt deserves a post of it's own, we love it!
- Nativity set was custum made for C by Dustin at Armadillo Dreams.

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