Sunday, March 9, 2014

Movin' on up

K's upgrade show off

Last week K upgraded to a bigger bike. It was a long time coming. After practicing a lot of patience, everything fell into place and we found one that was in our price range - and in her favorite color, no less! She had the chance to try it out for the first time on Kevin's birthday in a lovely Oregon-esque rain shower. She warmed up to it pretty quickly and was showing off on it in no time.

her first try no help learning to turn C's first bike ride C's first bike ride bike riding bike riding

K's upgrade trickled on down the line starting with a big change for C, who was able to move up to K's old bike after years on her Skuut balance bike. What a big day for our almost six year old! We learned our lesson after K's first bike riding experience and didn't bother with training wheels. C literally hopped off of her skuut, hopped on the pedal bike and took off. It took her less than fifteen minutes to figure it out. She was so proud of herself and as are we!! She took to the bike so well that we went on a family bike ride to the grocery store to get a few things we needed.

tumbleweed passenger L's turn with the skuut

And last but certainly not least, Little L moved up from his pony trike to the skuut. He is on cloud nine and is already challenging C for the title of kamikaze with his riding style. I have a feeling he'll be passing us all by pretty soon. Oh goodness this boy of ours has quite the personality! So much like his big sister C.

I am so glad the skuut has lasted through all three children (and could keep on going!) After the wonderful experiences of two of my children moving on from it to a pedal bike, I am a strong believer in balance bikes!

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