Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tumbleweed Adventures

Warning - three days worth (a ridiculous amount) of photos to follow. I can see already that I will need to relearn how to take photographs in strong sunlight once we move.IMG_2936 travel bingo! This game was the best road trip idea EVER. IMG_2917 Eastern Oregon The blue mountains (Oregon Trail related) IMG_2942 IMG_2943 tumbleweed IMG_2953 IMG_2960 tumbleweed fun tumbleweed fun The girls' first time seeing a tumbleweed. (and it won't be there last with living in Idaho!) "Tumbleweed" is C's nickname so it was fun sharing this first with her. IMG_2989 IMG_3003 IMG_3017 IMG_3031 IMG_3035 The quest for anything green in southern Idaho led us to a softball field. A dust storm suddenly picked up sending us running for cover. IMG_3047 IMG_3061 Kevin and his "mini me" hot tub IMG_3097 IMG_3108 IMG_3091 IMG_3119 IMG_3125 IMG_3150 IMG_3160 dusk hazy moon IMG_3130 The only way to include myself in this story (post shower) IMG_3186 Three little sleepyheads in a row IMG_3188 IMG_3194 IMG_3200 More searching for green and water, too! IMG_3202 IMG_3203 boise "forest" (actually looks somewhat forest-like here but don't let it deceive you!) IMG_3223 IMG_3228 Kevin just came back home last week after spending 2 1/2 weeks in Pennsylvania taking care of his Mother. We were so very happy to have him back with us. The day after he arrived, we packed up the van and drove to Idaho to check out the general area we will be living in. It was a longer drive than we anticipated so we ended up only getting one full day there. Not quite long enough to really discover anything but just enough time to take away the fear of the unknown. K loved it there and I admit it is much more beautiful than I expected. The mountains, huge skies and open land were breathtaking.

I think the pictures will show you that the landscape in Idaho is drastically different from our lush, green land here in Oregon. It will take some getting used to, that's for sure, but we'll adapt; we always do. I have to say that I had quite a strong desire to kiss the grass once we got back to Western Oregon! But different landscape means different species of plant and animal life and new ways of exploring. We were even already bird watching finding new birds we had never seen before.

There will be more trips back and forth to find our future home. We really have no clue where we will end up - Kevin's job is in the middle of nowhere where there are miles upon miles between buildings. This is actually ideal living for us, but I just always envisioned forests (and soil!)surrounding our little homestead. Kevin told me today he was thinking of possibly finding a place near a deserted ghost town (literally!!) because the nearest Catholic church is located there. I love him to the moon and back for making that such a big consideration.

Overall, a three day trip - two days of travel, only one day to explore but so worth it!

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