Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grateful for destruction?

As I was running late, getting my children in the van one morning, I discovered this:

Beowulf's "work"

my latest knitting project (inspired by my friend Mackenzie) torn to bits. I had left it in the front passenger seat the night before with the hope to work on it in K's school parking lot the next morning. Obviously that was not what I was meant to do that day.

Beowulf's "work" Kevin uses the van every morning to take the dogs biking outside of our neighborhood before the children and I leave for school. Apparently this particular morning one of our dogs decided yarn would make a good snack before or after their workout. *sigh* Kevin and I instantly knew which one of them it was -
Beowulf (AKA yarn eater)

Beowulf. He's lucky he's so cute (Remember when he first came home with us?)!
If this had happened a year ago or so I would have flipped out, carrying on like a mad woman (which truly did happen when he ate some yarn I was knitting with while pregnant with Little L). But I have been striving towards becoming a happier person, trying to take things out of my control more gracefully and seeing the positive in every situation. Boy, do I have a long way to go with all of that but this incident made me see that I am making at least a tiny bit of progress. That is something to be grateful for, even if it did involve the loss of hours spent knitting.

Innocent eyes Besides that, Beowulf actually did me another favor with his curious destruction. I missed a key stitch from the pattern on every single row I had knit. Who knows how far along I would have knit before discovering this mistake myself and then have to rip out all of my work. IMG_2340

So see? Everything does happen for a reason and that little rascal of mine knew just what he was doing!

Oh and I had to share  Paw Paw's expression as I was snapping away pictures of Beowulf... Paw Paw's evil jealous stare (my camera wasn't set up for this shot but I am glad I caught it!) The evil eyed jealous stare. My camera wasn't set up for this shot but I am so glad I caught it! Paw Paw feels that all focus should be on him at all times.

p.s. I finally finished my David Douglas book and have since moved on to trying to get myself more organized with this book.

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