Sunday, May 19, 2013


065 071 072 077 079 081 096 086 083 092 094 106 I intended to do another post last week but the time it took to transfer my photographs from one computer to another took a lot longer than I anticipated. I'm sure it didn't help that I waited until only a couple of hours before I would sit down to type my post up.

We ended up giving in and buying a new laptop last Wednesday. I had just finally paid off my credit card back on May 1st. I didn't really want to spend anything at all, but I decided on a budget of $400. That way I could pay it off in a couple of months. I walked into the computer store with that amount in my head, but I quickly allowed myself to get sucked into a $1,200 Mac. The huge screen for my photographs was what got me. Thankfully Kevin reigned me back in and I walked out with a computer within my budget.

I think we gave the salesmen a good chuckle. Apparently our old laptop was a dinosaur and a lot of the features I was accustomed to are now obsolete. It was a struggle just to find a laptop that had a disc drive (for the occasional movie nights Kevin and I have). Yes, we know we are way behind the times. They tried to sell us on computers that can be hooked up with an IPhone, IPad and/or television. None of which are items we own.

I swear electronic stores are like the twilight zone for me. We were only in there for an hour but it felt like an eternity and I left feeling absolutely drained of all my energy. At least it's done with now. The girls, on the other hand, had a blast pushing buttons on everything. And here I thought they would be bored to tears. Ha!

The screen on this computer is smaller and quite different from my last one. I am still getting used to it. It's hard to tell if my photos are in focus or not on it, not to mention that they all look oversaturated. I don't know if it's the photo viewing software on here or the resolution. I hope I can figure it out soon, just in case I need to exchange it. Perhaps it's just another change I need to get used to. Who knew I had such a hard time dealing with change?!

I do have more news to share on our move but I have managed to exhaust myself reliving that shopping experience. So for now, let's just enjoy my two littlest ones having fun in the garden and I'll go work on my photograph issues a bit more. See you back here for KCCO and then later again in the week. Thanks for sticking with me through all of this!

p.s. - Just in case you were wondering, C is wearing her Easter Sunday sweater and Little L is wearing his pants I made him the other week.

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