Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not the decision I wanted to come to...

Two lost teeth! Tooth fairy doll (with pocket) Waldorf tooth fairy doll 099

Remember our tooth dilemma with K from a few weeks ago? Well, we finally came to a decision and on Monday she had them pulled. In all honesty, that was really not the decision I wanted to come to. Kevin and I talked it over again and again as well as K and I. She asked us to get them pulled. I tried in vain to help her teeth become wiggly but they just would not budge. In the end what it came down to was K complaining of pain where her adult teeth were coming in.

She was so excited for Monday she could barely sleep the night before. She told anyone that would listen she was getting them pulled and that the tooth fairy would be visiting her that night. She didn't show one bit of nervousness or anxiety. That helped to reassure me that we were doing what was right for her.  I quickly finished up her tooth fairy pillow/doll that had fallen to the bottom of my WIP basket and gave it to her when I picked her up from school. I think that was a sweet surprise for her. She was excited over the doll's cloud pocket for her teeth.

She asked if Daddy could be with her for the procedure while I watched C and Little L. Kevin cleared his schedule to make sure that could happen. I admit I was relieved that she wanted Daddy there. I had a lot of my teeth pulled as a child and have some not-so-fond memories of it all, mostly due to the first time I had to have it done. My dentist, back then, lacked patience and empathy and just didn't seem to like children very much. I don't remember how old I was but I do remember being scared, and as many children do when they are afraid - I cried. The dentist put his hand over my mouth and nose (causing me to be unable to breathe) and told me I could not cry because I would scare the other patients there. Of course that made matters even worse. Needless to say, my Mom found a new dentist after that. I can still smell his cheap cologne when I think about that ordeal...

But back to K. At the last minute she decided she wanted me with her instead. I pushed my own issues aside and agreed. When we got to the room that the procedure would be done in, she was still as happy as could be. They asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. K looked at me to see if it was okay and I nodded my head yes. I figured for something like this we could make that compromise.
K decided on one of their selections (I have no idea what it was, she just saw dogs on the cover and picked it) and they put it on and laid her chair back. They gave her some "happy gas" to try to relax her. About three minutes into the movie and gas she started crying hysterically. I jumped up and ran over to her. She was too upset to speak but she clung onto me like she would never let go. After a few moments she said the movie scared her (she later told me it was because they were sword fighting). The kind dental hygienist had her pick out a new one (this time I helped, and we chose a movie I had actually seen before, Finding Nemo) then set her up again with the gas. Again, poor K started crying. She didn't like the gas (and I can't say I blame her!), as it was having the opposite effect it was meant to have, so we convinced them to just not use it.

K was quite worked up by this point and I almost had us leave, but then the dentist came in. He gave her a soft blanket to cuddle with and then situated his equipment so that I could be with her on the chair and have her legs over my lap. Then he left and gave her a good half hour to relax. She watched her movie while I rubbed her legs. I got her tooth fairy doll from my bag and gave it to her. I told her that her special doll would calm her nerves and keep her safe. She held her tightly in her arms. When the dentist came back in K was ready. The procedure took ten minutes or less,and I got to hold my sweet girl the whole time. K barely blinked an eye during it all but smiled big when the dentist showed her her two teeth. He then showed me why they weren't falling out on their own - whatever it is that naturally dissolves the roots (I have now forgotten what it was called) missed her teeth and only hit a small portion of the back of them. They would have never come out on their own.

My not so little K came out of the dentist's office proudly showing Daddy and her siblings her lost teeth. I could clearly see that she knew just how brave and amazing she was. I'm so proud of her. She spent the rest of the night inspecting her lost teeth, talking about them and sharing her excitement over the tooth fairy visit to come.

But this story does not end here, not by far! I have a little bit more to share about the morning after in my next post. See you then!

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