Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday Sweaters (& Maggie Rabbit, too!)

Easter Sunday Sweater {K} Easter Sunday Sweater Easter Sunday Sweater (with Wooly Moss Roots buttons) K's Maggie Rabbit K's Maggie Rabbit Easter Sunday Sweater {C} C's Maggie Rabbit Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweater {K} Playing "big sister, little sister" (playing "Big sister,little sister") Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweaters Easter Sunday Sweaters

So many pictures, so little time-so I am breaking up our Easter  fun into a couple of posts. This post is dedicated to my girls' magnificent Sunday sweaters and adorable Maggie rabbits.
Let's begin with the sweater, oh the sweaters!! I knew that when my friend Ginny came up with this pattern that I would adore it, but goodness, I didn't think it was possible to love a pattern so much! They knit up incredibly fast. The pattern is very easy to follow (and memorize) and the lace section keeps it interesting. Normally when I knit something two times in a row (which is often since my girls like to match) I get a bit bored with it all but I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed knitting every single stitch on both sweaters. I didn't even have to make any changes to the pattern (not that I expected to,but you know me - I always modify patterns), it was perfect as is. I only very slightly modified my tall string bean K's sweater to make it a 7/8 size. I should add that the girls puffy Easter dresses made the sweaters open up more than they usually would.

Notes for K's sweater are here, and C's can be found over here. Both sweaters feature beautiful hand  carved maple wood buttons from Wooly Moss Roots.

Then there are the delightful Maggie rabbits. I am so glad I made these as their Easter gifts. The girls are smitten with them. I embroidered a C and a K on the rabbits' capelets to personalize them a bit more. I can't wait for Alicia to come out with more clothing patterns for the rabbits. Little L will get one of his own in a couple of years. They are just a bit too delicate for his hands right now.

More to come!

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