Friday, March 8, 2013

What good came from this?

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This week was a tough one, that's for sure. Definitely one for the record books. As expected Little L's chicken pox arrived on Saturday, exactly two weeks from when K's first showed up. Then the next day C had them. I have heard that each case is very different, but oh my! We went from one end of the spectrum to the other. K had such a mild case it was really a breeze to get through. Little L had more spots than K did and a slight fever but was feeling okay with lots of cuddles. I would say his case was mild to moderate. C, on the other hand, had a much more severe case. She was literally covered from head to toe with the spots (the pictures above were from day one- it got worse from there), even getting some on one of her eyes, and she ran a fever for three to four days. My sensitive girl was pretty miserable. We got through it by grace alone.

I tried to cheer up my little ones, remind them of what is truly important during these difficult times and put things into perspective for us all (since I was losing sight, myself). Instead of focusing on the bad in the moment, we would make ourselves focus on the good. What good came of having the chicken pox? What blessings in disguise were revealed?

Here is a short list of some of the things we came up with:

Our school community went above and beyond with helping us. Thanks to them K didn't miss a day of school (that would be torture for her, she loves it so much!), and because of their help she had extra time with her friends. Our family is feeling pretty loved.

Lifelong immunity.

Creature comforts. I tend to forget just how much better one can feel with a warm fuzzy companion by their side. Midnight Macho Nacho Man brought lots of comfort to C this week. K paid homage to him by drawing his image on their bedroom window (with window crayons, of course!).

Lots of snuggles and down time cozy in bed. This meant a lot of reading and discovering a new favorite, The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly (I can't recommend it enough. Even Little L seemed interested). An added bonus for me was that I knit while we read and now have C's Easter sweater more than halfway done.

Secret sewing! The girls bunny kits arrived Tuesday in the mail and I got to work on them that night.  In order to keep them secret I had to take the above photos while K was at school and C was taking a nap. The only place I could think to take them without drawing attention to myself was outside, in the rain, on our woodpile. As you can see, I caught Beowulf's eye. I actually have the first bunny a bit farther along now, that picture was from yesterday. Bunnies on the wood pile just may become a mini photo series until they are revealed Easter morning.

The love of sisters. K's nurturing side really shined as she brought C home flowers she picked at school each day and spent most of her moments caring for her siblings alongside me.

Hours spent playing a new board game we found on consignment at our school store. I think this was K's favorite thing of the week. The game is called The Birds of Summer and it's by Family Pastimes Co-operative games. Most of the few games we own come from them. I love how their games are not a competition but that everyone has to work together to win. Since we are a family of bird lovers this game was just perfect. I enjoy the fact that it teaches us new bird facts and behaviors and encourages us to research and learn more, while K really enjoys that it involves a tiny bit of math that she can do.

The gift of today! Stepping outside in the sunlight for the first time in days felt incredible.

Finding the gifts really does help us make it through those rough times. Now if only we could see them all the time! What gifts are hiding in plain sight for you?!

p.s - Just a friendly reminder - let's not get into vaccination debates, please! I appreciate your kindness with the last post on this topic!
With LOVE,

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