Sunday, March 3, 2013

Squirrels for the birthday boy (sweater)

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So, about that birthday sweater...
I am somewhat timely posting this, well, at least for me!

I love this sweater. There is just something about that charcoal grey with contrasting white and a dash of cranberry red thrown in that makes me giddy. That said, it's ginormous on him! It is the most noticeable in the neck area, but really it's huge everywhere. I know he is on the small side at only 23 pounds (I was a small thing, too, at his age), but my goodness, I can't get over just how big it is. It actually fits C pretty well (Maybe I should make her wear it for photos so you can see how much cuter it looks when it fits right). Of course I didn't check my gauge *ahem*, but no worries - better too big than too small, right? He'll get more than the two years I was planning out of this thing. That makes me happy because I do think it came out rather adorable. Who could not love squirrels?! And that yarn, *swoon*, what a dream to work with. I think Little L approves of it... At least he recognizes the squirrels on it.

I made a few mods (when do I not?) and you can find them all here. I look forward to seeing this with the matching pants (which also seem big). I finished those pants, for the most part, the day after his birthday. They are still sitting on my desk waiting for me to graft some stitches together (a mod I made to the pattern), sew in the ends and make an i-cord for the tie. I pushed them aside just for the moment while I work on some Easter knitting. I'll share that with you Tuesday.

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