Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sugar Plum Bunny Bites

The Nutcracker









Animals visiting the stable for the 3rd week of Advent

Last weekend was a milestone of sorts in K's life. Her friends were going to see the Nutcracker performed in downtown, Portland and invited her to come along. Since she is now seven, we thought she was ready for it. C and Little L stayed home with Kevin but he kindly drove us there and back as I can not handle city driving. (Thank you!!) We had such a wonderful time. K was completely engrossed. It brought back many childhood memories of me going to see it with my Mom. Watching the performance made me want to forget Steiner's thoughts on the affects of ballet for young children, it's just such a beautiful art...

As if they were reading our minds - the latest (free!) story from Sparkle Stories coincided with our event. It's called 'The Living Room Nutcracker', and if you listen to the story then you'll understand where this post title came from! (That's C's new nickname, too.) K listened to numerous times in the weeks before we went. She wanted to be prepared since she had no ides what the Nutcracker or even ballet or an auditorium was. Just like with Martin and Sylvia - K promised C she would preform the whole Nutcracker for her and boy did she keep that promise. That night she went to bed in tights and a shirt which was a bit peculiar but I didn't think twice about it...that is until I was putting Little L to bed and heard all of these loud booms, thumps and giggles. I peaked in on the girls and there was K dancing around on the floor while C sat in bed watching. Oh, those two!! I adore just how strong their bond and love is for one another. I hope it always stays that way.

p.s -
Not really related to this post but the pictures above are of K's projects in the handwork display at school. The first one is her kitty she knit and the ones below are of her baby and bunting she made.

p.p.s -
I just realized that I haven't shared any of our Advent Nativity preparations this year so here is a photo from the beginning of the third week of Advent. All of the animals are now at the stable waiting. Our grass is growing, too. We buy a new piece every year to add to our Nativity and this year's figure will be making his appearance on Sunday. In case you were wondering, we get our exquisite, handmade Nativity figures from The Puppenstube.(They are Buntspechte)

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