Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our THANKS Giving Tree





Thank you Nana & Grandpa






Our typical day before Thanksgiving usually consists of cooking a few side dishes while devouring an edible arrangement sent from Nana and Grandpa. Little L was old enough to partake in it this time around, much to his delight. He nearly leapt out of my arms squealing "yum, yum!" when it arrived at our door.

Did you notice in the pictures above that C has purple streaks in her hair? The girls decided to secretly paint their nails this morning. They swear they asked Kevin if they could. He swears he told them only with me...That was fun to wake up to. I am still cleaning nail polish off of their clothes, bodies and just about every surface in our home.

For us, Thanksgiving isn't about pilgrims or discovering this land (The Native Americans had already 'found' it, thank you very much) but about gratitude for the blessings in our life. With this in mind, we made a THANKS giving tree as a visual reminder of what we are thankful for. We went out in the forest behind our house to find a branch and then stuck it in an old Martinmas lantern filled with pebbles. I printed out the tree leaves from Ann and had the girls write what they were thankful for on the back of each leaf.When they finished, they hung their leaves up on the tree. There were quite a few leaves and I was nervous at first that they wouldn't be able to think of that many things they are thankful for, but they filled them up and even wanted more. There were some rather serious thank yous like K's "thankful for the life I've been given" and "C loving me" but also some ones we giggled at like C's "pumpkins"and"food".  Little L dictated a thank you to me (at least that's what I told the girls) saying "thank you for my sisters". I am thankful Kevin gets the day off and we will actually get to spend some time with him.

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