Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harvesting a feast for our friends (& grocery plans)


K has her doll tucked in to her coat (in case you were wondering what that orange ball was)




Do I smell a squirrel!?! (Paw Paw has an insane prey drive)





"Daddy, can we please climb a bit longer?"


Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your bushy tail

Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your bushy tail

Wrinkle up your little nose
Place a nut between your toes

Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your bushy tail

Yes, we are still on the topic of squirrels here. C now requests our 'grey squirrel' verse every circle time. I think she just loves the swish your bushy tail part.

We have been enjoying our visits from Jacques and friends - they are highly entertaining. We especially appreciate their lunch time antics (C, Little L and I eat lunch at our child size table and it is in front of the window the bird squirrel feeder is at). C wanted to offer our friends an even bigger feast on our porch so along with our trusty sidekick Paw Paw and the rest of the family, we headed out to some of the oak trees on the outskirts of our woods to gather acorns. (Our woods are much too dense for oak trees to thrive in)
Of course, it was really too late in the season to do so, most of the acorns have rotted, been buried by leaves or picked over by other squirrels, but it was more about the experience than anything.



The girls were as busy as squirrels filling up C's backpack with acorns. There were other treasures gathered as well, (K is thinking about Advent) and lots of stops to pause and take in the stunning surroundings.We ended up staying out until it became dark outside.

the girls' harvest for our squirrels

We placed the acorns out on our porch the next day for the feasting to commence.

nuthatch above my head

As I snapped a picture of the girls' harvest I heard a sweet little song being sung above my head. I looked up and saw this nuthatch munching on some suet. My camera wasn't set up for the shot but I am glad I was able to snap this moment. It's not every day that I am serenaded. I so enjoy watching nuthatches eat, they remind me of little round bats. Do any of you have them in your area?

I truly hope our animal friends enjoy visiting us as much as we enjoy seeing them. Now I should be off to get food for my own family. I try to enjoy grocery shopping, really I do, but even with meal plans and everything else planned in advance - it's at least a 3 hour event. Of course, having to drive to three different grocery stores and tallying everything as I add it to the cart  (to make sure I stay within our small and hard to work with budget) probably doesn't help.  At least I have good company as I shop.

p.s - Tomorrow is the last day to cast your votes for the Homeschooling awards. Thank you to all of you that have been voting for me. Just one more day!
Feast away, little friends, feast away!

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