Thursday, October 4, 2012

His signature (AKA I want to be like Bob)

Bob and C

C and Bob circa 2010




Little L has a new little style of his own. I have to say it looks quite cute on him, too. It was inspired by one of our heroes - Bob (of Bob's Red Mill). BTW- Have you seen his new book People before Profit? He really is a hero. When Purple Grandma was here visiting us, we had lunch at the Red Mill and Bob was there eating with his wife. When they left  (holding hands!) I noticed that Bob's hat matched his wife's pastel striped shirt perfectly. That was such an adorable sight. Reminded me a bit of the Duggars and their matching clothes. They are such a cute couple. Maybe Kevin and I will have to do that when we are older...

Anyways, I am getting a bit off subject here. This is supposed to be about Little L. We went shopping one day with Purple Grandma and I happened to find baby sized 'Bob hats' (as we call them). I tried one on Little L and upon seeing it on him, I knew it was his destiny to wear them. Alright, I am taking it a bit far here but he seriously just looked like his was meant to wear them - like a mini Bob.
The pictures above are at the Red Mill when Little L first wore his hat, so it wasn't worn in and shaped all nice like it is now. I'll have to snap some more pics. My camera and I haven't been on speaking terms lately though. The fault is mine, and so must the remedy be. I just need to sit down and research more so that my pictures  come out the way I envision them in my head... I admit that it's just easier to blame my camera than it is to do something about it. Now that I have said that I know I have to do something about it.

Once again, off on a tangent. I can't focus tonight. As I was saying, I love seeing Bob in his plethora of hats. It's his personal style and you can always find him due to that hat. I think Little L may follow in his footsteps and these 'Bob hats' will become his own signature style. If the shoe fits (or in this case, the hat) , wear it - right?!

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