Monday, September 17, 2012

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creative space re-do

I had a post I planned on putting up that I have been thinking about over the weekend - A few thoughts that are weighing on my conscience that I would like to put out in the open. But that just isn't going to happen tonight. I came downstairs from putting Little L to bed to find Kevin uploading pictures he took of our dogs (and their dog friends) today. He took quite a few photos so I decided to pass the time with a little Gilmore Girls (I just found free episodes here!). An episode or two later he was done but now I am just too sleepy to put the attention needed into that post. Instead I thought I would share some things making me smile. Cause when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you! (Nope, I haven't been listening to Sinatra lately...)

- A wonderful package from a friend arrived at my door filled with magazines for me and a surprise gift made by her family for Little L - a birchmobile! He adores it, can't you tell? It's so much faster than his other toys on wheels and is rather kamikaze-like. It fits Little L's need for speed just perfectly. He won't let his sisters near it!

-Hearing K greet me with 'Guten Morgen' in the morning and other German words she is learning in school. (She has German lesson blocks Monday-Wednesday and then Handwork Thursday and Friday. She will learn how to knit very, very soon!)

- Feeling rejuvenated with cooking thanks to more delicious Forks over Knives meals including the Thanksgiving-esque savory wild rice stuffed acorn squash with maple glazed brussel sprouts (recipes from this book).

- Finding a moment or two to relax and seek inspiration and ideas for C's Autumn homeschooling plans.

- Discovering news of a friend's much anticipated birth.

- Finalizing K's birthday plans for this week - including a field trip/learning experience.

- Rearranging and reorganizing the girls' creative space to fit C's homeschooling needs.

- Did I mention watching Gilmore Girls?

Poor sick little L is waking up yet again so I think it's time to call it quits for the evening. Be back in this space soon!

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