Sunday, July 8, 2012


Crabby Claws (aka Kevin) at Crabpot

Kevin had to go to his Oregon City office on Saturday so the little ones and I thought we would tag along and make a little family adventure out of it. His appointment was vey short and we had the rest of the day to explore. Nearby was a little antique shop I have been wanting to check out. Window shopping at antique shops is not an option for me due to little ones with restless hands by my side. I mean, I probably could do it but I would be too on edge the whole time so I just don't. I was taken back when Kevin offered to take the girls to the playground so that I could look around. I probably had too much fun in there. There was another antique shop next door I was hoping to visit that had some beautiful 1800s school desks but alas, they were closed. I am a bit obsessed with old school desks at the moment (I will share why as soon as I get the chance!). After drooling over the desks for a minute, I started walking up an old familiar hill with Baby L happily observing the view from his Ergo seat on my back.

When I reached the top of the hill I found my family playing on the playground of the Montessori school across the street from the apartment we lived in for our first month in Oregon. K remembered the playground and our apartment cleary but C did not. She was only 16 months old (the same age Baby L is now - crazy to think about) when we stayed there.

We all walked back down the hill to head over toward the Willamette river, stopping for a photo at Crabpot. Kevin and I have this long running joke about him being 'Crabby Claws' when he is mad, so it seemed fitting to get his picture there.

I'm diggin' this sign!

It was in the 80's that day (summer has finally come to the PNW), and my children are no longer used to dealing with the heat so to help them out a bit we stopped in a Ma and Pa shop for ice cream. Ice cream always helps everything, right?

Nara wanting our ice cream

Of course Nara was at full attention expecting to get some. Silly girl!

Willamette river

gathering nectar

We continued our walk to the river stopping and taking in the beauty around us as we went.

thirsty girl!


Nara finally told us that she too could no longer handle the heat so we stopped in a shady place and gave her some water. Of course it didn't take long for someone else to notice her cool waterbowl...

cute little feet - they are so sweet!

exploring bug friends


sign for 'hurt' in Nara's water bowl

Baby L was showing us the baby sign for 'hurt' as he played in the water.

C showing the sign for hurt (with an ice cream face)

C did the sign to (with her ice cream face).

little mama

big sister love

We decided to head home and let Nara cool down after that, but oh what a wonderful day it was!

I have more to share from our trip on tomorrow's Keep Calm Craft On post. See you then!

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