Monday, July 23, 2012

Berries to Bellies

Ladybug friend

Rye field

Berries to bellies


Donkey friend

Blueberries for Sal play

Bubba loves berries!

Munch, munch

Berries to bellies

berry picking - picture taken by Kevin
Picture taken by Kevin

Berries to bellies biodynamic farm

our bounty

There has been a lot of blueberry picking going on around these parts. We just can't seem to get enough. I am beginning to wonder if it is physically possible to live off of them. Perhaps we'll test this...

Earlier in the week my children and I ventured out to a farm co-op in the process of converting over to biodynamic called Berries to Bellies. We had two of our favorite books in tow to keep everyone happy for the long ride (in case you were wondering - Blueberries for Sal and Peter in Blueberry Land). We found this treasure of a farm through a Waldorf teacher at the Micha-el school (Thank you, Kelly!). We loved every minute of picking there, even Baby L partook. The girls had more fun than I could have imagined playing 'Blueberries for Sal'. Their special Peter Rabbit bucket makes the best ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk! Farmer Noah (as the girls called him) gave us nice lessons on biodynamics and picking the berries as well as places to explore on the farm (like the creek in the woods, the rye field, the honeybees, their animals and so much more). This farm was set up the exact way Kevin and I have envisioned our dream farm. I knew I would be bringing him back with us to see, and I did just a few days later! I wish you could all visit it with me, too - such beauty everywhere you look.I also wish the warmth of the sun could stay with me from those trips. Last week on our little mountain, the summer temperatures only got up to the high 60s. I am dreaming of winter knitting and back to wearing wool layers in this ever so cold house of ours. I actually found myself missing the heat and humidity we left in Virginia. *Jaw drop* Yeah, those are words I would have never thought would escape my lips. I am not a person who deals with the heat well at all. I guess the grass is always greener... right? Silly me.

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