Monday, June 18, 2012

Oregon adventures (and Happy Father's Day!)

Our forest backyard has really been coming to life these past few days. Kevin and I think it may be even more lively than usual because we decided earlier this year to stop mowing back there. It's all woods and barely any grass to begin with, so there is no point in it really. Now we have all kinds of (new to us) wildflowers and creatures visiting us. Last night we brought a field mouse up to see the girls and the day before that a mole came visiting, not to mention all kinds of bug friends!

baby sapsuckers home

You see this tree in our backyard? Take another look...

baby sapsuckers

if you look closely enough you'll the see the heads of two baby birds sticking out of the 2nd hole from the bottom. Kevin discovered them the other day. We have only briefly seen their Mama but we think they are a type of sapsuckers. (I forgot the exact name and our bird bookis upstairs with the sleeping Baby L, so I can't look it up at the moment)

father's day card with a needle felted crab (both by K)




We celebrated Father's Day today with a couple of handmade gifts. K made Daddy the card in school and she needled felted him a crab with her new needle felting kit. K, C, Baby L and I made him the family tree. I was up late last night painting the tree and then this morning I painted my little ones' hands and had them stamp them on as leaves. The girls liked doing it but Baby L didn't like the feeling of the paint. On a side note : don't use leftover crayola paint for a painting project like this. What a pain it was! I wish I still had my paint from my artsy days. This little project made me miss painting (like I need another hobby!).








rope swing

Baby L's 'crawl/walk'  (on his knees)


when sisters attack!

Of course it wouldn't be a 'Daddy Day' without dogs. After Mass today we loaded up the van and headed out to Sandy for a sled dog meeting. My children and I really enjoy going to these meeting, although we don't actually attend them. While the meeting goes on inside the home of a dog sledding mentor, my children and I explore her amazing outdoor surroundings. We just love it there and never tire of wandering around with our heads in the clouds. (I also really adore everything about her house, too. Such a sweet place.) This time around we found wild Salmonberries (Baby L's favorite discovery) and fields of buttercups.

I hope Kevin enjoyed his day. I know the rest of us did!

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