Monday, July 2, 2012

a little rhythm in our home, please!

pipe cleaner fun

washing their dishes

washing their dishes

washing their dishes

squeezing orange juice

squeezing orange juice

her perseverance paid off (in a small amount)

Looking through some of my latest entries on here I have hardly mentioned any of our Waldorf ways. I am now suddenly feeling like I have turned my back on my Waldorf roots. While that isn't necessarily true as we still live our lives following Steiner's teaching, I haven't made an effort in posting about them. Today seems like a good day to start. I sat here staring at a blank screen for quite awhile trying to become inspired and think of something to write about. The truth is, I am just in this mood of sadness and self pity. That's not anything I want to spend much time thinking about and I doubt anyone would want to read about.
The other night I called Kevin at work and asked him if he could bring me home some chocolate. He asked why, I said I was having a rough day. I think I even made some comparison with my chocolate habit to people that drink away their misery with alcohol. (Even after all these years I am still stuck in my old punk views of staying straight edge.) He wanted to know what was so wrong but I couldn't really say as I didn't even know. He reminded me that I called him only a few hours earlier excitedly telling him about positive things happening in our home. Then I remembered he was right and that our day really was great! I was just stuck in a moment that I couldn't get out of.

But back to a Waldorf related post: Last week was our second week of summer and our rhythm is slowly falling into place. I didn't plan one (couldn't find the time this year) but things are just coming together on their own. That tends to be one of the best rhythm formulas for us. We ended up going out of our home every other day over last week and that was a great 'inhale/exhale' time for myself as well as the children. I think we will keep that. Of course, each time we go out doesn't have to be anything huge or even all the exciting. It just means we get in the van and leave the house. This could just be grocery shopping or hiking in different woods or it will be more adventurous at times,too. (I have visiting the Mcloughlin house planned for this week.) I think on our days home we'll do our baking and more involved crafts. Still figuring all of that out, though.

You may or may not remember my post last year about my children washing their own dishes, but as much as we all enjoyed that rhythm it fell apart on us as Baby L became more active. We recently revisited the idea with a couple of minor adjustments, like having their very own area set up with wash basins and washcloths we made from an old towel (Thank you Miss Elizabeth for that idea last year!). This way I can be doing the big dishes while they do their own. This might be a good time saver. We'll see how it keeps going. One downfall to it is that Baby L really wants to play in the water, normally that's fine but he would completely dump those basins in a heartbeat.

How about you? How has your rhythm changed now that it is summer?

Oh and for some randomness: I learned an important lesson over the weekend; taking photographs outside in the sun while wearing sunglasses (after you haven't worn any in 6+ years) is not a good idea. All of my photos looked so dark to me so I kept adjusting my camera and when I uploaded all of the pictures later that day they were all ridiculously and unusably overexposed.

Oh and thank you for your thoughts on the backfired post! Looking back now I do have to agree that it was their way of processing our day. Thank you!

His last day with us :(

A happy and yet sad moment I will always want to remember. Even if I am not to fond of the photograph of myself I am very thankful for the kind passerby who took this.

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