Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest photographer of sorts (take two)

Picture by K

Remember a post from a few years back when I let K use my camera? Well, I have a feeling we are all in for many more of those posts. You see, when I scored my 'new to me' Canon 40D last summer I gave Kevin my old Canon Digital Rebel. That old camera of mine needed a new cf card before it could be used so it sat on a shelf gathering dust. That is until the other weekend when Kevin finally went out and got the card for it. Now he is off taking pictures of his silly dogs all the time. Perhaps I could actually get pictures of myself now! But the best part about this second camera is that K gets more 'photo shoots'. I had fun with her not too long ago when I arrived home (after a long run) to find her taking pictures of C. I snuck inside and grabbed my own camera to capture what I saw.


Picture by K


K was in the middle of snapping pictures of C on her bike (I told you it's really hard to take photographs in our back yard! The dappled light makes it very tricky),

Look at those hands from playing in her mud kitchen!

"Mama, I want to take a picture of you taking a picture of me!"
Ick. Please remember I just came back from a long sweaty run!

then when she spotted me she said, "Mama, I want to take a picture of you taking a picture of me." Well, alright then!



She giggled as she checked her photos afterwards, telling me I looked goofy. Hee,hee.

Stay tuned for the next installment of K photography. In the meantime (because I know you are all just waiting in suspense - ha!), I have to share a first in our little family's history - Kevin and I went out together alone for the first time in 6 1/2 years (since K was born) tonight. I know, pretty big, right?! I think I have mentioned before that K's 1-8 grades teacher is also our neighbor, haven't I? Anyways, one of his daughters came over and watched our little tribe for two hours while Kevin and I went bikejoring with our two sled dogs. That seemed like a good start to see how everyone would handle it. We were just right down the road, too. It felt so strange being away but it was also nice. I knew my little ones were in the best possible hands. When we came back they were bouncing off the walls with excitement over their 'play date'(as they called it). Even Baby L had a good time. Who knows, with such good results maybe Kevin and I will go out together more in the future. I meant to bring my camera with me to commemorate the moment but I forgot it in the rush to get out of the house (I was doing last minute cleaning when she arrived and wasn't ready to run out the door just yet). Instead I have this rare sight in Oregon to share...

The sun DOES exist in Oregon

Look! The sun does exist in Oregon! The clouds usually cover our sunsets here but I finally caught one (even if it is just a sliver of one and it was quite challenging to get capture with out power lines in the shot). Yes, life is good.

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