Friday, May 25, 2012

Discovery (this moment in a series of shots)



La, la LAAAAAAA! Lights on.



Still dark and gloomy here, but on the bright side the gloominess brought about a discovery for Baby L - the kitchen lights. He pushed his big sister's stool right up to the counter (while snacking on fresh bread out of the oven) and after a couple seconds of contemplation and looking at me to see if it's ok he flipped the switch. I think you can see how happy it made him.

p.s Because I know I will forget this later... Out on a drive today K asked me how people can know the weather ahead of time and put it on the computer (we check the weather online). I paused to really think about it and replied with, "Hmmm. That's a good question, Beanie. How do you think they know?". She sat there silent for a moment and responded, "I think there are special people in the world that the sun fairies and rain fairies will only talk to, and they tell them what the weather will be. Then those special people put it on the computer". Ack, what an idea! I love that little creative mind of hers!

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