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That's a slug in her hand, in case you were wondering







As I mentioned last week, I managed to finish up the girls' Easter dresses in time for Easter. However, I didn't finish or even start an outfit for Baby L as I had planned, nor did I finish knitting C's shrug. I stressed myself out over it a bit too much and ended up making the same simple mistake about eight times in row on the body of the shrug. By the eighth time I decided I just needed sleep and C's shrug would have to wait until after Easter. As soon as I came to that conclusion I was able to knit on. I just have to finish up her sleeves now. I told her I would try my hardest to finish it up for her first day back to school (after spring break) this week.

I surprised the girls with their dresses on Easter morning. I placed them on their beds while they were in the bath tub. K got out of the tub first and found her dress and shrug right away. She ran back to the bathroom to get C squealing "C come see what is in our room - new matching dresses!" They both ran back to their room and did little happy dances while letting out high pitched noises that only dogs could hear. I don't think I have ever seen them get dressed so fast. Oh how my girls love to match, and how I love making that happen for them. The girls and I then went to the late morning Mass. We were a few minutes late and it was so packed inside we couldn't find a seat - totally not expecting that. Eventually, we found a spot in the very back where we couldn't see a thing but we still soaked it all in nonetheless. On a side note - We also found ourselves sitting next to the most jubilant singer in the church. My girls couldn't stop staring at her. After Mass she told K that she was "a very nice girl but needed to pay attention to the priest instead of staring at her". Oops. K and I talked about it a bit later that day. While I do believe the woman meant well, I didn't want it to hurt K's feelings. She is very sensitive - just like her Mama.

The girls and I arrived home to their first ever Easter egg hunt. We previously hadn't celebrated Easter and I didn't want to commercialize it so we kept it very simple - dyed eggs hidden in our backyard and one tiny chocolate bunny for each of them. They loved it. K kept exclaiming, "This is our first visit from the Easter bunny!". To help us with this new tradition I found the perfect story in this book about why the Easter bunny came about and his purpose in our world.

Throwing this out there - I have a hard time with taking pictures in our backyard, the lighting is hard for me to figure out and work with. I felt defeated before I even stepped foot outside to take these pictures on Easter Sunday and you can see it in these photographs. I psyched myself out. I apologize.


Hot cross buns on Good Friday. I stuck with a recipe from my trusted Baking Bread with Children by Warren Lee Cohenand I am quite happy I did so. We devoured them all by Easter Sunday.


Our beloved wild Trillium are now in full bloom. Seeing our backyard and the forest behind our home covered in them is something we look forward to every spring.

The details:

The dresses were made with some Alexander Henry fabric (Farmdale crossing) I have been stashing since last year. The pattern is Sabrina's Dress by my friend Dawn at Olabelhe. Such a sweet pattern - just what I was looking for. This was the first pattern I have ever used that I didn't have to add inches to the length of the skirt, or modify it in any other way. I hadn't come across a pattern like this until now. However I did end up altering the sleeves on accident. That's what happens when you stay up cutting and sewing way past your bedtime, ahem. Thankfully, the pattern is very forgiving. I still adore the sleeves, mistakes and all.

Dawn has revolutionized my sewing ways. I love, love, love her hand pleating method vs. the gathering method I am used to (amongst other things). Not to mention the pure joy of finding patterns that are reminiscent of times when little girls dressed like little girls. I highly recommend all of her patterns and look forward to sewing with more of them in the near future.

The shrug(s) are the Knitting Pure and Simple #288 Little Girl's Shrug. As always, I modified mine quite a bit. I added an extra inch or so in length on the body and altered the sleeves to 3/4 length for our cool, crisp Oregon air. I also repeated the lace pattern on the sleeves to make it a bit 'dressier'. On K's I did a garter stitch button band and collar and then on C's I did seed stitch ones. Detailed notes on K's shrug here. C's shrug is still in progress so the notes on hers will follow shortly on the same page. This pattern truly is pure and simple and it lends itself to creative changes quite well.

Oh, and just because these pictures crack me up:



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