Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knitting Through Tears

Preparing for Saint Nicholas day!

Here we are, already at this week's Phoebe Sweater KAL and yarn along update. I have nothing to say on my Phoebe's sweater for C. No, that's not true. I have a lot to say but I am still just too bummed out about the whole thing to go in to it, so here's a recap:

I was nearly finished with C's sweater (just had to do one sleeve and the hood) and it appeared to be small looking rather small. I did check my gauge this time around but something still went wrong. Fearing the worst I brought her into the bathroom so no one else could see and told her to close her eyes. I then tried the sweater on her. The length was perfect but I severely underestimated the size of sweet C's Buddha belly. It was barely able to wrap around her.

I tried my hardest not to cry but it was hitting me hard, all my work and no margin for error on this Christmas gift making timeline... Ughhh! I tried to devise a plan where I wouldn't have to rip out the whole sweater. I came close but couldn't find a way to avoid it entirely. So I sat and shed a few tears while I ripped out the entire upper body, just until I got to the decreasing section, then I stopped. I should have taken a picture of the many little balls of yarn I had from ripping it out. It was such a sad sight. I picked up the stitches on one side of the bottom half of the sweater and knit 3 rows in seed stitch then cast off. I did the same to the other side of the bottom half of the sweater. This added 6 stitches of width to the entire sweater. I then changed my needles from size 10 to size 10 1/2 and followed the decrease instructions but this time for the size 6 sweater instead of the size 4. Now I am knitting the entire upper body in size 6 with the bigger needles. It looks much bigger, now lets just hope it's not too big! I do want it to be a bit big and loose, though, so she can wear many layers underneath it.

This mistake of mine set me back big time, so now I am not sure what I will finish up in time for Christmas. The plan was just the Phoebe sweaters and the doll versions for the girls along with a patchwork quilt for their bed. Not sure about working on that quilt now. I am thinking if all else fails, I may have to drop making Baby L's gift and give it to him later. He has gifts coming from our families so I doubt he'll notice...

I was still sulking a bit when I took these pictures today. As you can see I choose to focus on our cute little Scandinavian Christmas angel chimes instead of my actual project. Ahem.

I suppose I better get back to work on that sweater!
What are you working on? I hope you are having better luck than me! Happy creating!!

P.S - Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures tonight so I had a lot of hoops to jump through to figure it out. Thanks to my dear (birthday girl) friend Marina I think I have it set now.

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