Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KAL & Sporadic Makings

I got a nice early start tonight, it feels quite good.
It's Tuesday already and time for our weekly Phoebe's Sweater Knit Along check-in!

I am very thankful for a weekend in front of the fire with my family and my knitting needles. I am not quite as far as I would like to be on my first sweater but it is moving along rather quickly. I ended up going with size 10 needles instead of the 10 1/2", just because I prefer the look. I did my gauge swatch (for once) and I am only a tiny bit off. I am pretty happy with my yarn decision too, now that I am seeing it knit up. It feels really soft which is very important when it comes to knitting for my sensitive C.

I am at the point where you do stockinette stitching for 10" (size 4). I went through my first skein of yarn and I am about to finish up this second one. Rav update here.
How are all of you doing? Did you see Joanna's Phoebe sweater she is knitting for her little boy? I am keeping my eye on that one - I may have to make one in the future for Baby L. What about Paula's? The yarn she choose looks so cheery! Oh and sorry, Paula, for the late start :)

Let's see your progress! How are you doing? Need a little inspiration? Check out Joanna's video:

As I sat down to work on making a Phoebe's Sweater KAL button to share with all of you, I realized, I don't know how to! Do any of you know how to do this?

I also came to the realization that I don't have any thing really planned for Baby L for Christmas. I was thinking of knitting him the Snug baby hoodie but as time is running short I may switch that plan. Maybe another Milo, or pullover sweater? I have been meaning to knit another Small Things sweater, so maybe I'll just go with that. Didn't I say I was going to do that last March?! Yikes! Grace's recent knit reminded me. It should be relatively fast and easy as I knit the romper version of it last winter. Remember that cuteness?! I may even use the same buttons and yarn... maybe, oh and the matching bonnet... We'll wait and see, I need to finish up the girls' sweaters first.

Yes, that is a ridiculously large suction cup!

I finished up the nativity beeswax impressions I mentioned last week to sell in the store. Now let's see if anyone wants to buy them. I have now moved on to some other nativity beeswax projects using these.

C strikes again! She got to my freshly sanded and bees waxed desk with a crayon again.

There has been some sporadic late night sewing happening here. I finished up a winter dress with flannel bloomers for K. It looks so snug and warm. I just need to trim the threads and put it on her now. I am also trying to finish up/start my Santa Lucia crafting. St. Lucia is baby L's namesake so it seems even more important this year.

What are you working on? Happy creating!

If you are participating in the Phoebe's Sweater Knit Along please add your link below:

P.S. I apologize for being late (Baby L had a hard time sleeping last night) but the winner was announced in the Phoebe's Sweater giveaway. Please go check it out in the original post.

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