Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, not a lot of knitting going on around these parts. Although there are plenty of pictures of knitting...Poor Baby L is just too miserable with teething to let me even think about knitting. So, I haven't made much progress on my babywearer. Then again, my heart hasn't been in knitting that project lately. I am preoccupied with thoughts of the Phoebe's Sweater KAL.
I still do not have yarn picked out yet. I can't seem to find just what I want. I am going to start with knitting C's sweater first. She has such big baby blue eyes that I want to make them stand out even more with a robin's egg blue or pale aqua sweater. I can't find bulky yarn in that color though. So now I am debating if I should just give up my baby blue dreams and get something else or find some undyed bulky yarn and dye it myself. Oh decisions. And November is less than a week away!
For those of you participating in the KAL, what yarn are you using?

I finished up and presented the doll that K's teacher requested at our parent meeting last weekend. I used the pattern and fabric from C's first doll. Her teacher approved, phew, now I can breathe again. I had a rough time with her eyes and it got to the point that I could no longer rip out the stitches for risk of making holes in the doll's skin. Her left eye came out much better than then her right eye. Making the almond shape was a bit harder than I though it would be. The doll is missing her pink cheeks in these pictures. K's teacher has the nice doll blush so I thought I would let her take care of that part.

K found her on my desk before I could pack her away. She fell in love and kept asking if the baby was for her. I apologized and said it wasn't for her but that she would see her every day. Monday she discovered what I meant by that when she walked into her classroom and saw her in the cradle with another baby doll. She told me that she played with her the entire play time that day. Now hopefully the rest of the children will get a chance to play with her the rest of the week!

What are you working on?
Happy creating!

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