Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gee, Haw, Hike, On By!

Since our german shepherd has her search and rescue work, Kevin thought our other two high energy dogs needed something to do, as well. What are huskies born to do? Pull! So it only seems fitting to have them do what they love. We joined the Cascade Sled Dog Club, over the summer to help make it happen. They held their annual three day meeting/camp out last weekend up at Frog Lake and we all went. We would have loved to stay for all three days but we just enjoyed one long day there, instead.

Once we arrived (after my knitting and Phoebe sweater pondering) I had to change the diaper of a certain little wiggle worm who won't hold still...

When I finally finished wrestling with Baby L, we walked the trail to find the rest of the group. They were out picking up trash and pruning the trails.

The girls brought their bikes to ride on the trails but that proved to be a bit frustrating for K with the training wheels on her bike. This of course made C claim that her bike was too hard to ride, too, resulting in her ditching her bike and running to catch up (and Kevin having to go back and get it for her).

I became distracted over and over again while out on the trail.
You'll have to forgive me, Oregon's beauty just never ceases to amaze me!

After the trails were cleaned we headed back to the camp site at Frog Lake for a potluck and meeting (and to see every one's dogs, of course!)

The girls, Baby L and I had fun playing at the campgrounds, then when it came time for the meeting we left Kevin there to go take a nature walk around the lake.

K has the look of triumph because about 3/4 of the way around the lake the trail ended and you couldn't continue. We decided to just go deeper into the woods to get around, but in doing so we went up pretty high (and C with skinned knees) and couldn't get back down. Then we found that one rocky spot (the second photo from the bottom - believe me, it was a lot higher than in looks in the picture) and slowly climbed down that way. Easy for an adult to do but tricky and a bit scary for a certain big blue eyed little girl with skinned knees. The girls were quite proud of themselves when we made it back to the lake.

"Some small songs of excitement when the harnesses are put on because they want to run, breathe to run, eat to run, live to run..."

by Gary Paulsen (One of K's favorite books)

After the meeting it was time for fun!
When Kevin joined the group he learned about bikejoring/scootering (oh, and Nara got kicked off the team, in case you were wondering. She couldn't keep up with the boys), which is what you do with sled dogs when there isn't any snow. He has been doing it as often as he can to exercise the dogs (I take Nara running for her exercise).

It was late and starting to get dark so we had to head out, but not before seeing quite a funny sight. I made some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from Bob's Red Mill Baking Bookfor the potluck and we took them out of the glass cookie jar they were in so we could bring it home. Kevin literally put them in a bowl and turned around when a mountain jay swooped down from the sky and stole a whole cookie. The cookie was just too heavy for him, though, and he dropped it into a club member's lap. I laughed hysterically at this! Oh how I wish I caught a picture of the event!

After we drove away from Frog Lake we felt the need to drive up to the highest point on Mount Hood that we could so the girls could see snow...

and eat snow???

To think, the next time we are up in that area we will see nothing but snow. We can't wait!

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