Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unsupervised Yarn

I am still working away on my union suit tester, and it's still absolutely adorable. I am hoping I can finish it up by this Monday, it has been hard to find knitting time lately.

I fear I may have ruined the cute suit with my horrendous job of adding a gnome/elf. The chart I used was great and it fit perfectly where I decided to add it but I just destroyed it. You know how I told you I added it because I needed practice working with color designs? Well, I think I underestimated just how much practice I needed! Eeeek! Baby L's mittens that I made him back in February came out fine, but then again, those were done using the stranded technique. Sigh.
Maybe once I weave in the ends and block it, it will look better? Have any of you ever messed up color work? Do you have any insight on how to fix it up a bit?

After coming across this tangled ridiculousness the other day, I just had to photograph and share it. My girls love to use my leftover yarn for all kinds of creations and I enjoy sharing it with them, but this was a bit much.

This, my friends, is why you don't leave your children with your yarn remnant basket unsupervised...

Wish me luck figuring those knots out. I am pretty tempted to not even try, and just do away with it,but the pack rat side of me is screaming "Noooooooo! Look at all of that delicious yarn!" Ha,ha.

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