Sunday, August 28, 2011

Round Here

We could all use a little Counting Crows to end our day (or begin it - depending on when you are reading this), wouldn't you say?


Fangs and smiles

Gifts from an incredible person in the mail (sweet little gnome branch table and chairs) that inspired the girls' play so very much

The best of friends

Trying to sabotage join the cuddling

Tire swing play with babies (we hope to make an old farm style swing for our little ones soon)

Baby L watching his sisters' antics

Still inspired by blueberry picking(She's reading Peter in Blueberry Land)

Furry guests at the breakfast table

I somehow managed to finish up (most) of those deadlines. One of them involved an acorn craft (details coming very soon). When we finished, the girls broke into our acorn cap collection. We have acorn caps from all over the country thanks to our many moves and the generosity of friends from all over (I do wish I had collected some from South Korea when we lived there - oh well, maybe another time).

The girls got out their winter coats to warm themselves up after eating a few too many ice pops (from our favorite book Ice Pop Joy
) first thing in the morning. Quite a funny sight on a summer day (especially since we don't have air conditioning in our home).

K had her own little experiment going on. She cracked open all the different types of acorns we had to compare the nuts inside. She was quite excited over how different yet similar they all were. Gotta love child led learning!

Now off to finalize some plans for tomorrow with a fellow blogging friend.

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