Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At Last (the Union Suit is Done!)

At last it is done! I finished up Baby L's union suit last Friday and finished putting on all the wooden (always wooden) buttons the other day. Since my tester size was 18 months, he won't be wearing this until maybe this winter, possibly next winter. Rav notes, including the charts I used for the gnome/elf and hedgehog here.

The butt flap is my favorite part, and I think it will look much cuter on him than on the hanger, as pictured. I love the idea and have often thought of knitting my little ones something with one. It's just so old fashioned and cute! To emphasize the cute flap I added a hedgehog. We have a love of hedgehogs in our home so even if Baby L is too little to appreciate it yet, the rest of us will! We already obsess over his cute little buns to begin with but I foresee the obsession growing when he wears this.

I need to re-block it a bit more still but I wanted to get pics of it up this week so it will have to do for now. My drying rack that I blocked it on left funny indentations in it, too. That said, even after the weaving in of the ends and a light blocking my gnome/elf or as K calls it 'robot' still looks funny and more so like a robot than what I intended it to look like. Oh well. Guess I'd better get some more intarsia knitting under my belt.

I like to point out all of the flaws in my work a lot, don't I?!

I choose the fold over cuff option for both the sleeves and the legs to extend the life of this suit. I think I'd be preaching to the choir by telling you babies grow ever so fast, so added length is a necessity.

Besides my robot issues, I love it. I can't wait to see Baby L in it, and I will surely be taking quite a few photographs of him in it. I will let all of you know when the pattern comes out. I believe the release date is this August or September.

I also had to share a sweet gift given to me last week.

Doesn't that yarn look delicious?! It is oh so soft, too. It was a birthday gift from our new friends (but not really new - we knew them throughout the school year but just now finally got around to spending time with them). It has been such a pleasure getting to know them, I believe we are kindred spirits, and I am so incredibly touched that they did this for me. I have to decide what to knit this yarn in to. Always such a hard decision, no? I have been enjoying the salve they made for my dry hands, it smells so good and even the gift bag it all came in is a treasure. Thank you my dear friends!

What are you working on? Happy creating!

I feel the need to apologize for my rhythm post yesterday. I really need to stop trying to type them up late at night - my brain just isn't all there and my thoughts tend to jump around too much. I hope it still made enough sense!

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