Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My knitting/running partner

Are you getting tired of seeing the same knitting project over and over again the past few weeks? The truth is - I am. This project has been slow going due to my knitting time being few and far between lately. I am actually now officially behind on it. It was to be finished for the pattern designer yesterday. Not too much left to do, though, just a cuff, button bands and the butt flap (the best part!).

I am loving this pattern and anxious to see it finished but I am also antsy to get working on K's birthday sweater amongst other things. My mind is wandering from project to project again which is never a good thing - the end result is a handful of projects in my knitting basket only half done.

K swears that my little gnome/elf on the front is really a robot. I know K, I know, it's terrible - why don't you rub it in just a little more?! Ha,ha. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the blocking and weaving in of the ends will fix my robot issue.

I did, however, finish up another gift for our dear friend. Her seventh birthday was the other week and I knit her up a Milo with added length to fit her tall body. Rav notes here. I had K pick out the yarn for it from my stash. She choose this purple because it is the favorite color of her friend's Daddy.

I have been having sewing withdrawal lately (I have lots I need to sew, but again - no time lately)
as well as a need for some instant gratification (Yep, my girls are better about that than I am) so the other night I found myself sitting at my sewing desk searching for something simple to make.

As I sat there looking at my fabric, this turquoise hedgehog fabric jumped out at me. I needed to sew with it, but what? Then I remembered that Baby L needed a small bag of some sort to hold his few toys. We are big believers in simplicity. Simple, open-ended, natural material toys as well as a simple amount of them. Too many is just too overwhelming for our little ones (and me since I am usually the one picking them up). We needed a home for Baby L's because we were constantly losing them, or fumbling with them as we tried to carry him and the toys at the same time to the van or outside.

So I made a tiny drawstring pouch to remedy this situation. Kevin dubbed it Baby L's 'Happy Sack'.
Honestly, we already had bags I could have used, but I just needed the process of sewing it as a meditation/therapy.
I added a little 'L' in coordinating fabric, but I am wishing I used a solid fabric for that instead of a patterned one. Oh well - hind sight is 20/20, right?!
It's not the prettiest of sewing jobs but it makes me happy to see.

I hope that this time next week I will have finished photos of the union suit. Until then I will be knitting away.

What are you working on? Happy creating!

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